About Arizona Government

The State of Arizona government is made up of three separate branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

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The Executive branch is comprised approximately 130 agencies, departments, authorities, boards, commissions, councils, administrations, registrars, offices, and institutions. These organizations involve themselves with carrying out the law and performing the day-to-day business of State government.

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The Legislative branch is comprised of the State's two principal law making bodies, the Arizona Senate and the Arizona House of Representatives, as well as the Office of the Auditor General, the Joint Legislative Budget Committee, and Legislative Council.

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The Judicial branch is comprised of the Arizona Supreme Court, the Arizona Court of Appeals and the Superior Court augmented by the counties' Justice of the Peace Courts and the municipalities' Municipal Courts. Courts resolve legal disputes, manage trials and interpret the law.

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For information about each State organization, including mission, description and performance measures.

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The State of Arizona has eleven statewide elected officials.

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The State of Arizona uses a centralized, automated accounting system, the Arizona Financial Information System (AFIS). The AFIS is the State's principal accounting system and is utilized by most State organizations as their primary accounting system. Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and University of Arizona process summary level information on AFIS related to State funding, as well as collections of tuition and fees. Detailed revenue and expenditure transactions are maintained in their separate internal accounting systems. The Arizona Power Authority and Public Safety Personnel Retirement System maintain financial data in separate internal accounting systems with no information posted to the AFIS.

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