City Council Handbook

This is an interactive handbook for the City of Ashland Mayor and Councilors.


This guide is a comprehensive reference for all elected officials. Select the links below to read more about each section.

Welcome Letter

Section 1. Overview

This section includes a general overview of the City Council and the community.

Section 2. City Charter and Rules of the Council

This section outlines the City Charter, the Ashland Municipal Code regarding Council, Council Rules, the Home Rule, working with staff, and advisory bodies.

Section 3. Administrative Policies

This section includes the five administrative policies that pertain to members of advisory bodies. You will be required to read all five policies and return a signed copy of each to City Administration.

Section 4. Communications

This section includes the most common ways the City communicates with the public and ways to find information.

Section 5. Public Records & Public Meetings Law

This section reviews the State laws on public records and public meetings.

Section 6. Ethics and Conflicts of Interest

This section reviews the City of Ashland ethics rules as well as the State ethics law.

Section 7. Budget and Financial Overview

This section will give you an overview of the budget process and how to find information on Ashland's financial overview.

Section 8. Land Use

This section describes the land use process and Council's role in land use appeals.

Section 9. Additional Resources

This section holds additional helpful resources. Those include: local government basics guide from the League of Oregon Cities, FAQs for the City Attorney, a list of Master and other plans, a guide to Robert's rules of order, tips for running a successful meeting, a guide to the website, email subscription and contact form instructions, and the meeting schedules and contact information for each advisory body.

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