2023-2025 Biennium Budget

The City of Ashland's budget serves as a financial and policy plan that guides decisions made during each biennium. It also serves to communicate to its Citizens the goals for the upcoming year as well as the activities that will be carried out and the resources that will be used to accomplish those activities. The City's budget is a short-term plan subject to change based on circumstances that influence its execution such as shifting priorities, changes in the financial environment, and/or unforeseen events.


Joe Lessard - City Manager

Sabrina Cotta - Deputy City Manager/Finance Director

Bryn Morrison - Financial Systems Manager

Cindy Hanks - Accounting Manager

Alissa Kolodzinski - Management Analyst

A special thanks to all the department heads and staff who assisted in developing this budget.

Director of Community Development Brandon Goldman

Director of Electric Thomas McBartlett III

Interim Director of Human Resources Molly Taylor

Director of Innovation & Technology Jason Wegner

Director of Parks & Recreation Michael Black

Director of Public Works Scott Fleury

Fire Chief Ralph Sartain

Police Chief Tighe O'Meara

Citizens' Budget Committee Elected Members

Tonya Graham, Mayor

Bob Kaplan, Councilor

Dylan Bloom, Councilor

Eric Hansen, Councilor

Gina DuQuenne, Councilor

Jeff Dahle, Councilor

Paula Hyatt, Councilor

Citizens' Budget Committee Appointed Members

Shane Hunter- Chair

Eric Navickas- Vice Chair

Leda Shapiro

Mike Gardiner

David Runkel

Linda Peterson Adams

Andrew Card