2023-2025 Biennium Budget


The Ashland Police Department (APD) is responsible for responding to and investigating criminal complaints and matters of public safety. Patrol/emergency response is the backbone of the department. Other critical functions are the Criminal Investigations Division (CID), traffic enforcement and event planning, downtown patrol, records management and property control.

The Ashland Police Department partners with the community to promote public safety, public order, and the development of innovative crime prevention strategies while providing exceptional service. The City is legally obligated to provide police services to the community 24/7 police response and service, full service criminal investigations services.

There are three divisions in the Department:

  • Administration including an Administrative Analyst and the Police Chief.
  • Support which is headed by the Deputy Chief and includes the, Records section, Criminal Investigations Division (detectives), Evidence/property, and Crime Analyst.
  • Operations under the supervision of the Patrol Lieutenant (Patrol Commander) including Patrol, Community Service Officer, Central Area Patrol, and Cadets.


History or police badges


  • Handled over 64,000 calls for service
  • Investigated over 5,400 criminal cases
  • Re-established adequate staffing after suffering significant loses
  • Secured regional grant to obtain crowd control equipment
  • Successfully returned to coordinating special large scale events


  • Increase authorized staffing to 32 sworn officers
  • Re-engage with a regional task force
  • Host an annual community engagement event
  • Provide specialized training in the area
  • Maintain low emergency response time
Two police officers standing in front of sub-station


  • Maintain a response time of under 264 seconds for property calls
  • Maintain a clearance rate of >80% for violent crimes
  • Retain accreditation with the Oregon Accreditation Alliance


In the BN2019-2021 budget the police department’s authorized sworn strength was raised to 32 officers. In the BN2021-2023 budget this was lowered to 28 sworn officers. Additionally, the department saw the cadet program substantially cut, as well as park patrol. For various reasons, the department saw an operational drop in its sworn ranks from 28 to 19, at its lowest, meaning a full third of the department’s officers left City employment. Over the last two years the department has strived to re-establish itself at full strength. As of March 31st the department is closing in on being fully staffed. The department’s call load remains high, at approximately 30,000 calls for service each calendar year. The department continues to work toward slowing each contact down in an effort to build rapport and minimize the need to use force when taking people into custody.


  • Continue to work with Ashland School District to development relationships and work toward a School Resource Officer program.
  • The police chief plans on returning to Council in the near future and asking for additional funding to return to the previous staffing level of 32 officers.
  • It is unknown how pending legislative matters (such as Measure 144) will impact the police department.


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