2023-2025 Biennium Budget


The Risk Management Division is responsible for handling all property and liability claims involving the City. This division also works to review and renew policies related but not limited to property and liability coverage. Additionally, the division works with various departments to review activities of the City’s services and develops and maintains programs to minimize the City’s exposure to risk. The division also works to make recommendations and find solutions when departments ask for review. Risk Management ensures a safe and healthy work environment for City employees while providing safety in the services provided. Risk Management also administers the various insurance and risk control programs for employees such as employee safety and OSHA, as well as the City liability and property insurance programs. Finally, it supports the City-wide Safety Committee recommending training and policy options and assisting with facilities inspections.


  • Coordinated trainings for City Employees with topics including Accident Investigation, Hazard Identification, Roles of the Safety Committee and Certificate of Liability.
  • Obtained Grant Funding for Public Safety in the amount of $23,000.
  • Processed and Followed Up on Claims. For FY 2023 the City had 84 claims and for FY 2022 the City had 88 claims. These claims include all claims from the public and internal claims where City property was damaged.
  • Staff in the Division attended training on various current topics regarding insurance and the mitigation of risk allowing for recommendations on City policy.
  • Created and worked with staff City-wide to refine new processes for various topics related to Safety and Risk Management.


  • Continue to provide Departments with relevant resources in Safety and Risk Management including but not limited to training, email updates and literature.
  • Work with already obtained City software to create a more efficient way to track and allocate City vehicle repairs.
  • Work with City’s insurance to review policies that reflect the needs of the City, creating an efficient use of funding to the division.
  • Review and implement new policies in accident identification, allowing for improvements to be made to these policies to limit accidents and near misses.


  • Hiring of a full time Risk Manager to allow for a greater and more robust Risk Management and Safety Program.