2023-2025 Biennium Budget


Parks Administration - Parks Administration oversees the operation, maintenance, construction, and planning for park and recreational facilities, including developing new parks and administering open space areas. Administration is responsible for providing oversight and support to Parks Operations, Recreation and Senior Services. Goal setting, property acquisition, budgeting, contracting, commission and subcommittee activities, stakeholder/partner relations, public outreach and promotions coordination are included in the many roles served by the administration team.

Parks Operations - This division includes urban forestry and environmental and ornamental horticulture and is responsible for maintaining trees within the urban setting that are safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing to park users. Staff manages healthy, diverse, and functionally effective natural areas (including riparian corridors) that enhance habitats for wildlife and control erosion while providing aesthetic and educational values to park users. The Volunteers in Parks Program (VIP) trains and assigns volunteers to help maintain parks and trails and assist APRC is a variety of events, programs, and services.

Open Space and Trails- This division manages 577 acres of open space and parks forest lands and 51 miles of city trails/trail routes. Forestry preserves and improves wildlife habitat and manages for biological diversity of native plants and animals while controlling non-native problematic species. A major focus is reducing fire danger on Parks-managed Forest lands in cooperation with Ashland Fire, USFS, the Forest Lands Commission, Wildfire Commission and other agencies.

Recreation - The Recreation Division provides recreational and educational opportunities for participants of all ages and abilities including aquatics, health and fitness classes, environmental education programs and lifetime activities. The Division oversees operations of the Daniel Meyer Memorial Pool, Ashland Rotary Centennial Ice Rink, North Mountain Park Nature Center, Calle Guanajuato, indoor and outdoor facility rentals, and adult, youth and adapted recreation programming. The Division also coordinates and operates special events including the Rogue Valley Bike Swap, Rogue Valley Bird Day, Ashland World Music Festival, , 4th of July Run and the Bear Creek Salmon Festival.

Oak Knoll Golf Course -This Golden Era Samuel Whiting course design has been enjoyed by locals for almost 100 years. The par 36, 9-hole golf course is characterized by sweeping vistas of the surrounding valley mountains and old growth Oak Trees. The Golf Division operates and maintains the nine-hole Oak Knoll Golf Course, which is Southern Oregon’s only municipal golf course.

Senior Services - The Senior Services Division enhances the lives of seniors by promoting healthy aging, well-being, dignity and independence and advocates for the diverse needs of seniors and their families throughout Ashland. Support services, community referrals, and a variety of free or low cost recreational, fitness, social and educational opportunities are offered at Ashland Senior Center and other locations. The Division also hosts the RVCOG Food & Friends senior meal program and many other partners to ensure service access for local seniors.

The mission of APRC is to provide and promote recreational opportunities and to preserve and maintain public lands.

Since December 1908, when the Ashland City Charter was amended, APRC has been overseen by a five (5) member, elected Commission. The Commissioners have control and management of all City land and facilities for park purposes. In addition, the Commissioners have control and management over all park funds.



  • The renovated Japanese Garden opened in October of 2022, with over 2000 people attending the grand opening despite pouring rain. This project was made possible with grants from the Ashland Parks Foundation and the generous donation of Jeffery Mangin.
  • Eight pickleball courts with night lighting were created in Lithia Park to meet the community demand for this increasingly popular sport. The project was partially funded by Ashland Parks Foundation.
  • Continued improvements in the Ashland Watershed trail system to improve safety and access for hikers and mountain bikers, including adding a pedestrian bypass to the Waterline Trail.


  • Investigate, develop and implement a dedicated permanent funding source to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission.
  • Develop an environmental sustainability and implementation plan.
  • Improve public aquatic recreation and competitive options in Ashland and ensure the continuous operation of a recreational pool in Ashland during the summer months, at minimum, until construction begins on a new pool.
  • Build East Main Street neighborhood park including the dog park, bike-skills park and pump track.
  • Seek/support community-building activities in parks, trails and open space that promote art, music, sports and nature.
  • Continue to improve and develop the hiking and mountain bike trail system.


Parks Administration

  • This Division has combined with Recreation Administration.
  • Reorganized staff into this this division
  • Hiring Parks Superintendent that has been vacant since April of 2020
  • Advertising - increase due to the loss of Marketing position and will contract out work. Moved from Rec Admin
  • Rental Equipment – Increases in lease charges for Copier/Plotter
  • Training/Travel – training and travel has been cut since 2020. Increase to begin training and conference attendance and to maintain certifications.


Parks Operations

  • Professional Services increase for contracting services, Pathways, now includes Temps.
  • Uniforms – increase for the change in clothing reimbursement.
  • Small Tools – increase to replace older equipment.
  • Utilities - Per direction moved all utilities and Parks maintenance from other divisions into Parks Operations. Increases for Utilities and Fuel accounts for rate increases.
  • Training/Travel – training and travel has been cut since 2020. Increase to begin training and conference attendance and to maintain certifications.
  • Maintenance – this biennium focusing on deferred maintenance of facilitates.


Forestry and Open Space

  • Uniforms- increase for the change in clothing reimbursement.
  • Small Tools - increase to replace older equipment. Moved volunteer coordination into this division.
  • Trails Work – increase to build and maintain new trails.
  • Forestry and Maintenance – increase for fuels reduction.
  • Training/Travel - training and travel has been cut since 2020. Increase to begin training and conference attendance and to maintain certifications.

Recreation Programs

  • Move office supplies and copier charges from Rec Admin
  • Computers – moved from Rec Admin
  • Bank Charges – Moved from Rec Admin. Charges for program/recreation class attendance.
  • Training/Travel- training and travel has been cut since 2020. Increase to begin training and conference attendance and to maintain certifications.



  • Staff outreach to partners and the community (VIP Program, Staff outreach, Events Bear Creek Festival, sustainability programs)
  • Continue the Cost Recovery Project and fee evaluation
  • Opportunities for adapted programming
  • Partnerships for nature programming (Scienceworks, Salmon Watch, Jackson County Library Services)
  • Connection and collaboration with the Ashland school district


  • Aging facilitates and deferred maintenance
  • Lack of space for community programs, meetings
  • Continued decreases in budget & staffing since pandemic