ACCOUNTING and Customer service (utility billing)

2023-2025 Biennium Budget


The Accounting Division is responsible for the fiscal health of the city through budgetary planning and accurately recording of all money and expenditure of funds in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. This includes managing and performing the functions necessary for the biennium budget audits, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, monthly reports, internal controls and annual financial reports. Ashland Parks & Recreation Commission (APRC) accounting activities are included in this division as well. The Division takes the lead in the preparation of the City’s audited Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. In addition, Accounting assists other administrative services divisions and departments in their accounting procedures, costing, rate modeling, fixed asset management, training, and use of the City’s financial software, Munis.


customer service (utility billing)

Customer Services Division (Utility billing) is responsible for providing the day-to-day customer service, billing, and information support to the public for electric, water, wastewater, storm drain, transportation, and utilities. This division manages the various taxes collected through the utility bills and other specific billing systems. The Customer Service Division is also responsible for business licenses, tobacco licensing, transient occupant taxes, food and beverage taxes and the electric user tax. All customer contact is by phone or email. While the dynamics have changed, our commitment to serving our customers have not.