St. Francis Library

St. Francis Library Overview

Size: The St. Francis Library is 2,275 square feet. The library currently serves an estimated 6.5 people per square foot and has a population of 11,815 Anoka county residents within a 9 minute drive.

Use: In 2018, the library circulated 72,577 items, had 29,303 visits, and averaged 14 visitors per hour. Retween 2008 and 2018, the library saw a 93% increase in attendance at classes and events. Because of the small size of the library, most youth programming takes place outside or offsite at the Rum River North Park facility.

The St. Francis Library was remodeled in 2021.

No Capital Improvement Plan Projects or Capital Equipment Plan Projects are scheduled.

Service Area

Boundaries: St. Francis Library serves Anoka County residents in the cities of Bethel, Nowthen, Oak Grove, and St. Francis.

Neighborhood: The library is located near both residential and commercial areas. St. Francis High School and Anoka County Rum River North Park are located close to the library. The library host most programs at the Park shelter building.

Population: St. Francis Library’s service population has grown in the last 8 years from 16,075 in 2010 to an estimated 16,917 in 2018. The service population is estimated to grow to 20,190 in 2030.

Community Demographics

as of 5/15/2020

Population Density (sq mi): 335

Median Age: 35.7

Pop Growth 5 yrs (estimated): 11.3%

Average Household Income: $79,982

Median Household Income: $71,677

Average Household Size: 2.87

St. Francis Library Location

Capital Improvement & Equipment Plan

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