Rum River Library

Rum River Library Overview

Size: The Rum River Library is 30,150 square feet. The library currently serves an estimated 2.7 people per square foot and has a population of 39,437 Anoka county residents within a 9 minute drive.

Use: In 2016, the library circulated 425,569 items, had 172,625 visits, and averaged 75.4 visitors per hour. This library also coordinates the On the Go service in Andover and Ramsey. From 2008-2018 the Rum River Liibrary had a 38% increase in meeting room reservations and a 90% increase in program attendance.

Building Priorities

The library was built in 2000. The building is in good condition, with some finishes refreshed in 2016-2018. Service desks were combined into one desk in late 2019. Replacing the heavy study tales and carrels, and reconfiguring service desk will allow for more flexible space.

Capital Improvement Plan

Capital Equipment Plan

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Service Area

Service Area Boundaries: Rum River Library serves Anoka County residents in the cities of Andover, Anoka, Nowthen, Oak Grove, and Ramsey.

Neighborhood: The library is located near both residential and commercial areas. Anoka High School and the Anoka Area Ice Arena are located close to the library. The library is adjacent to Anoka Park Reserve trails.

Population: Rum River Library’s service population has seen growth in the last 6 years from 75,150 in 2010 to an estimated 80,453 in 2016. The service population is estimated to row to 93,280 in 2030.

Community Demographics

as of 5/15/20

Population Density (sq mi): 1776

Median Age: 37.1

Pop Growth 5 yrs (estimated): 3.9%

Average Household Income: $83,883

Median House Income: $69,791

Average Household Size: 2.64

Rum River Library Location

Capital Improvement & Equipment Plan

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