Johnsville Library Upgrade and Expansion

Anoka County Library Johnsville opened in 1996 in what new community was then. Since then, the population of Anoka County has grown by approximately 78,000. The population of the Johnsville branch was 42,380 in 2010 and is project to grow to approximately 54,040 by 2030.

The building has seen few changes or updates, but has been well maintained and exhibits few problems. With pressures from the population grown in the area, the building was unprepared for the past 20 years of evolution in library service and the impact of technology.

In addition to its high level of circulation, a unique feature of Johnsville Library is that it is an afternoon school bus stop, bringing in a captive audience of school-aged kids in to decompress, do homework, and to wait for working parents to pick them up. This rapid influx of kids taxes the available resources of space, computers and furniture. The library has no swing space to capitalize on this incredible opportunity to engage youth and support families while continuing to provide vital adult services through the latter hours of operation.

In 2019, the Library Department conducted a space needs assessment for Johnsville Library to examine the condition of the facility and explore alterations to the building that will help the building better meet the needs of the community.

As Library services and patron expectations continue to evolve, driving factors for the space include a need for more reader and computer seating, community meeting space, individual and group study space, print and media collections space, and more efficient space for staff.

Photos are an example of the current interior.

Project Location

Johnsville Library

12461 Oak Park Blvd, Blaine, MN 55434

2020-2024 Capital Improvement Program