• As part of the county‚Äôs mission to be fiscally responsible, it conducted a review of every county department last year and found Chomonix Golf Course was an area that needed further evaluation.
  • The course has been losing money for several years and Anoka County has been using property tax dollars from all residents to significantly subsidize the course.
  • The Parks Committee reviewed and discussed the financial analysis and future considerations for Chomonix Golf Course at the January 15, 2019 Parks Committee Meeting.
  • Since that meeting, staff and County Commissioners have listened to input from a variety of stakeholders and local officials throughout the community that clearly expressed support for continuing the operation of Chomonix Golf Course.
  • As a result, the county is proposing to assess a variety of means to improve the financial standing of the course, including new management and possibly partnering with a professional golf industry consultant.
  • The proposal also includes continuing to operate Chomonix Golf Course for at least 3 more years while the county carefully evaluates golf course expenses and revenues with the objective of significantly reducing or eliminating the net operating deficit.
  • Park staff will be working closely with many stakeholders throughout the Chomonix Golf community to generate a new sense of enthusiasm, support, and success for Chomonix Golf Course moving forward.
  • Lastly, staff will be providing the Park Committee with quarterly updates on golf course operations and financial solvency.

Strategic Plan

1. Recruit, hire, and train a new Golf Operations Manager.

2. Create a renewed spirit of branding, professional leadership, and outstanding customer service!

3. Seek a professional golf industry consultant to possibly assist with a 3- year strategic plan.

4. Analyze and make needed adjustments in the following areas:

    • Food & Beverage;
    • Tournaments;
    • Memberships;
    • Year-Round Banquet Facility Rentals;
    • Club House Interior Layout & Function;
    • Apparel and Accessories:
    • Lessons & Programs;
    • Leagues;

5. Improve marketing, advertising, and promotions to maximize revenues.

6. Renovate club house restrooms, exterior finishes and update mechanics.

7. Establish a sustainable and fiscally responsible equipment replacement program.

8. Coordinate with Twin Cities to discuss a full-service marketing proposal for 2019.

9. Establish a new lease/purchase agreement for the golf cart fleet.

Financial Information