Anoka County Fleet Capital Program

Staring with the 2022 budget, Anoka County established a fleet capital replacement program. The program looks at the needs of the county for the next 10 years, along with the health of the fleet to develop the plan. The cost of the vehicles and equipment are budgeted based on this plan. Each year the needs of the departments and the health of the fleet are reviewed to update the plan accordingly.

During 2020, Highway, Parks, and Social Services purchased additional vehicles with CARES Act funding. These vehicles will be phased out of the fleet as need is reduced.

The funding for the program is an allocation. This allocation is funded with the levy dollars previously used to purchase vehicles in the department along with grant and other funding sources that are available to some departments.

The Sheriff's office is only participating in the policy development of the plan at this time. They have their capital needs built into their operations budget.

Fleet Capital Funding

The table below displays the funding for the Capital Replacement Fleet. The Central Fleet fund line represents the allocation collected from departments. The operating budget line represents the Anoka County Sheriff's office.

Five Year Spending Plan

Fleet Internal Service Fund Projection

Years 2025 and beyond are estimates to be reviewed and updated annually.

The Internal Service Fund supports both the Fleet Capital Replacement program along with Repair and Maintenance (R&M) of the Fleet.

2024-2028 Capital Equipment Plan