Parking Ramp Maintenance

Project Description

Anoka County provides an above grade parking ramp, which is an open air structure specifically designed to accommodate vehicle parking. It must provide for the safe and efficient passage of automobiles, as well as, employees and visitors to and from their vehicles.

´╗┐The overall condition of the Government Center Parking Ramp is average at best and continues to show more and more deterioration. ´╗┐Deterioration is in the form of cracks and spalls of double tees, beams, and columns due to water seepage. As a result of the most recent annual walk through by Collaborative Design, it has been recommended to complete joint sealant, drain, and concrete repairs throughout the entire ramp.

´╗┐Facilities Management recommended that the Restoration and Maintenance Program be implemented over a 5 year period, 2020-2024, consisting of $200,000 per year

Project Summary

1) Use Category - Facilities & Building Management

2) Project Start Date - TBD

3) Project End Date - TBD

4) FTE Impact - Not Required

5) Required by statute - No

6) Comments - None

2022-2026 Capital Improvement Plan