Hanson Boulevard (CSAH 78) from Northdale to Main

Hanson Boulevard (CSAH 78) serves as a critical north-south arterial, connecting locations within Anoka County to U.S. Highway 10 and beyond. The improvements to this section of Hanson Boulevard are geared toward improving the safe and efficient movement for vehicles traveling from the expanding communities outside the 694/494 ring toward the Minneapolis Metro region.

This segment of Hanson Boulevard currently averages approximately 30,000 vehicles per day and provides a connection to US 10, the main principal arterial serving Coon Rapids. The upgrading of this section of CSAH 78 to a four-lane divided roadway will improve safety and reduce crashes by implementing access management strategies. The project will provide more efficient and safer access to the regional transportation network and transit routes along the corridor, enhancing the link between the local residents to the Twin Cities.

Hanson Boulevard is also a heavily traveled freight corridor for commercial vehicles seeking direct north-south routes into Anoka County via the regional transportation network. CSAH 78 serves as a reliever for freight traffic during congested periods along parallel routes (TH 47 and TH 65). It is imperative that this roadway is improved to accommodate existing and future transportation needs.

Preliminary layout of Hanson Boulevard between U.S. 10 and Main Street.

2020-2024 Capital Improvement Program