LED Lighting Retrofit

Project Description

Originally working with Energy Service Group (ESG), we proposed several lighting options, but the largest driver was the 2 foot by 2 foot fixtures in the Government Center Complex and throughout the County. The majority had 3 u-bend lamps reaching the end of their useful life (ESG had provided an extended warranty that was expiring). The center lamp was removed and stored for replacement as the outer lamps failed. This accomplished an appreciable portion of the savings available, but burdened us with a pending operations and maintenance concern.

´╗┐The replacement scope would be to retrofit the 2x2 fixtures to accept a 2 foot LED lamp in place of the u-bend. This would provide similar light output and would extend the warranty on the lamps. The retrofit would also upgrade the fixture to electronic ballasts that are also reaching the end of their useful life cycle. The 2x2 fixtures, can fixtures, and parking ramp fixtures can now be cost effectively retrofit to LED. Without retrofits, we would see increased expenses of up to $50,000 or more as utilities are outpacing inflation.

Project Summary

1) Use Category - Facilities & Building Management

2) Project Start Date - TBD

3) Project End Date - TBD

4) FTE Impact - Not Required

5) Required by statute - No

6) Comments - None

Five Year Spending Plan

Project Location

2022-2026 Capital Improvement Plan