City Funds

The City’s financial operations are budgeted and accounted for in numerous funds. A fund is a separate accounting unit. Fund level budgets are approved through the budget ordinance adopted by City Council. Within the Ordinance, reference is made to the Funds that comprise the overall budget, of which there are three basic types. The following funds are appropriated, except two of the Fiduciary Funds mentioned below. A list of all of the City's funds is provided below along with links to each fund report by clicking on the graphs.

General Fund

General Governmental Departments:


--Executive (Mayor)

--Judicial (Court)

--Legislative (Council)




--Human Resources

--Information Systems


--Planning & Community Development

-Public Safety



-Public Amenities


-Public Works

--Municipal/Community Buildings (Facilities)

--Engineering Plans & Services

Special Revenue Funds

Parks & Recreation Fund

Grandview Cemetery Fund

Public Library Fund

Street Maintenance Fund

Arterial Street Construction

Anacortes Tbd#1

Washington Park Fund

Parks Capital Improvement

Affordable Housing

Ambulance Service Fund

Development Impact Fee

ACFL Management Fund

Tourism Fund

Growth Mgmt Capital Imprv Fund

Enterprise Funds

Water Fund

Sewer Fund

Storm Drainage Fund

Sanitation Fund

These four funds are the Cities Utility funds, and are funded by user fees.

The remaining Enterprise fund is the Equipment Rental Fund, which supports the City as a whole by managing and maintaining fleet equipment.