Equipment for Developers

2023 - 2028 CFP


PROJECT TITLE: Equipment for Developers

DEPARTMENT: Administrative Services


JUSTIFICATION: Network Expansion


END DATE (FY): 2025


In following City's development regulations, City will keep fiberoptic construction materials on hand to provide to contractors supporting installation of municipal fiberoptics in new development areas.


This project is aligned and incorporated into the City's Comprehensive Plan which seeks to increase fiberoptic connectivity as a means of increasing economic development in Anacortes and throughout Skagit County.

The City of Anacortes' Comprehensive Plan (Ordinance 2982 Updating of the Comprehensive Plan under RCW 36.70A.130(5)(b) specifies the importance of broadband fiber infrastructure and this fiberoptic expansion project aligns with the plan's goals and policies:

GOAL ED-1. Balanced Economy.

Foster a balanced, diversified and sustainable local economy that contributes to Anacortes's high quality of life.

- Policy ED-1.14: Provide state of the art broadband infrastructure, including high-capacity fiber optic cable, for business, education, public affairs, and consumer uses.

GOAL CF-1. Support Existing Development and Future Growth.

Provide capital facilities and public services necessary to support existing and new development envisioned in the land use element.

- Policy CF-1.11: Evaluate the feasibility of the City providing broadband services.

A. Conduct a fiber-optic infrastructure feasibility study and business model analysis.

B. Author and work toward implementation of a Broadband Strategic Plan which describes in detail the technology and economic context and outlines the community’s options and intended plan to address its broadband needs.

GOAL U-1. Quality Utility Services.

Facilitate provision of quality utility services throughout Anacortes to meet the needs of residents and businesses.

- Policy U-1.5. Explore options for improving telecommunication services in Anacortes, with high speed internet being a high priority, including potential development of a broadband/ fiber master plan and policies requiring installation of conduit where needed


Ensure materials are available to support fiberoptic expansion in new development areas.

Cost Estimate

Funding Sources

Operating Impacts

There will be no operating impact for the City.