Fire - Community Paramedic Vehicle

2023-2028 cfp


PROJECT TITLE: Fire - Community Paramedic Vehicle



JUSTIFICATION: There is currently no vehicle designed for and assigned to the Community Paramedic Program.

START DATE (FY2023): 1/1/2023

END DATE (FY2023): 12/31/2023


This project will add a new purpose built vehicle to our fleet for the Community Paramedic Program. Our Community Paramedic often works alone in the field and responds to emergency calls as well as routine non-emergency patient contacts and provides a variety of other community services. Medical equipment, PPE and many other items need to be carried to the field.


Currently the community paramedic is utilizing a 2007 vehicle that was already removed from ERR after being replaced. This program has secured permanent funding and a long term vehicle solution is needed. It is our recommendation that we purchase a new SUV for this purpose utilizing EMS funds.


The primary objective of the project is to provide an effective and reliable response vehicle for our Community Paramedic. This project will also allow us to improve our overall response capabilities by repurposing the current 2007 vehicle to our on-duty captains. Currently when 3 personnel are on duty at Station 1 we are asking our Captains to function in a hybrid Engine Officer/Command Officer role. Part of their responsibility is to support operations and training at the outlying stations when needed.

Cost Estimate

Funding Sources

Operating Impacts

This will add a new vehicle to fleet with associated fuel, insurance, maintenance and ER&R expenses.