Fire - Aerial Ladder Truck

2023-2028 CFP

This a Ladder Truck of very similar design to the one ordered for the AFD


PROJECT TITLE: Fire - Aerial Ladder Truck



JUSTIFICATION: Current ladder truck is past its safe and effective service life. A modern ladder truck will allow for faster and more efficient operations that will be safer for both our citizens and our firefighters.

START DATE (FY2023): 4/1/2023

END DATE (FY2023): 12/31/2023


This project will design and build a new 100' Aerial Ladder truck for the City of Anacortes. The City of Anacortes needs a ladder truck for many reasons. The rescue of victims in multi-story buildings trapped by fire is the most critical need. As our community continues to grow and add 4 and 5 story buildings this need will only grow greater. The aerial device is also used to provide elevated master streams to fight fires in all types of buildings including multi-story, commercial and large expansive buildings and is also used in many rescue scenarios. The City's current Aerial Ladder Truck is 22 years old and past its front-line service life.


The current plan is to fund this purchase through a low interest Washington State loan. It is our recommendation that we move this expense forward into the 2023 budget with the additional $53,000 authorized for change orders and equipment.


This project has already been approved by council during the 2022 budget process and is on order. Currently the pre-construction meeting is scheduled for April of 2023 with a tentative delivery date of December 2023. These delays were longer than anticipated and has caused a need to move the funding of this project into the 2023 CFP and budget. The purchase contract was signed for $1,622,000. We are requesting an authorization to adjust the purchase price up to $1,675,000 at the time of pre-construction. During the pre-construction process it is likely that there will be adjustments made to the plan by design engineers and unknown but usefully features might be recommended. There is also very little room in the operating budget to add equipment to this apparatus. Adding some of this equipment such as hose or extrication tools to the purchase contract would allow us to spread these costs out during the life of the loan so as to not greatly impact a single operating budget. These types of equipment are likely to last the duration of the service life of this apparatus.

Cost Estimate

Funding Sources

Operating Impacts

Operating impacts to be determined in the future.